For twenty five years, Harley & Indian enthusiasts in Australia have been recreating the rivalry that was so much a part of motorcycling in the Twenties, Thirties, and Forties of the last century.


 In 2017, we are bringing that Rivalry back to America where the bikes were built! The Great Indian V Harley Race of 2017 will be based in Kanab, Utah, right on the doorstep of Zion. We have planned rides through Zion and Bryce National parks, and the surrounding area.


 During the ride, we will have checkpoints, timed mileage sections and other challenges. At each checkpoint, the rider will be earning points for his brand of motorcycle. At the end of our event, we will gather for a banquet feast and crown the race winner for the top Indian Rider and Harley Rider, and the overall Brand victor to decide who will receive bragging rights for the next year, as the winner of “The Great Indian v Harley Race”


      This year we are adding a new class to allow all brands of Vintage Motorcycles to join us on the event. So bring what you ride and join the Indian and Harley Riders in , “The Great Race”. To clarify one important point. This is not a race but a “Points Rally” where you earn points while you ride for your brand of motorcycle. It adds a great element of competition and fun to our ride. See if you can obtain a perfect score this year and win the title of “Grand Champion”.


Join us for 3 fun days of riding and fun competition! May brings spring flowers, flowing rivers, and great weather to Southern Utah. See you there!